The origin of the name Aswan with this name the word Aswan came from the name "Snow", a word that the ancient Egyptians used to call this region, meaning the word "Market", then it was translated to become Aswan.


Aswan is the magic of the black beauty, the country of gold, and they called it this name because in the past its land contained mines of gold, diamonds, and minerals. Most of these mines were located in a certain area of ​​Aswan, and this region was called "Nubiriya". This term came from the hieroglyphic language "Nub", which means gold, and from here the word "Nubia" is derived. Aswan is considered the quietest city in Egypt, as it is an ideal place to stop and relax between its sun, its Nile, and its warm night that will not make you feel alienated because it is known that the people of Aswan are generous people and perform the duty of hospitality with any guest to the fullest.

Aswan Governorate is distinguished as the country of civilization and it has many archaeological sites for the ancient Egyptians, and the most famous of these places is the Abu Simbel Temple, which is the temple built by King Ramses II.

There are other temples not far away from Abu Simbel, such as the temples of Philae, which are considered one of the most prominent archaeological areas as well, as it includes several temples dating back to the reign of King Thutmose III, one of the kings of Egypt during the period of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, these temples were in the era of the Pharaohs, as for the era The Roman Temple of Kom Ombo has the largest share in the archaeological discoveries of this period.

Aswan governorate is not distinguished by its archaeological sites and ancient temples only but is characterized by the presence of many cultural and therapeutic monuments, as the sand in it helps to reduce and treat rheumatism, and what indicates that Aswan Governorate has importance in medical tourism is the presence of the Aga Khan cemetery that he comes to People from different parts of the world seek treatment.

Not only that, but there are also several museums and temples other than the one mentioned, such as the Nubia Museum, Aswan Museum, Animalia Museum, Unfinished Obelisk Temple, Elephantine Temple, Agelica Island Temple, Isis Temple, Nile Museum, Trajan's Kiosk temple, and Beige Temple.


What distinguishes the houses of the Aswan Governorate from the rest of the governorates of Egypt?


That they are not large buildings, on the contrary, they are small houses consisting of only one floor or two floors at most. It is distinguished from the outside that they engrave beautiful drawings in distinctive colors that give the houses of Aswan Governorate pure luster and a distinctive, wonderful shape that distinguishes these houses from the homes of the rest of the governorates.